Wine and Craft Beer Club

Join the Uncorkt Wine and Craft Beer Club!

Our Wine and Beer Club is the toast of Southeast Wisconsin.

Uncorkt wine and craft beer clubs can make your year special. You can also make the year special for someone special you also loves wine and beer!


“I am a wine and beer of the month club member and look forward to trying something different each month. The staff has always made tasteful selections.”  — Laurie

Wine of the Month Club

Enjoy a global or specific-region taste treat

Experience a different wine each month with the Uncorkt … At Home Club! Our monthly wine choice will provide an exceptional opportunity to try either different wines from around the world or a variety within a particular selected region.


Join the club anytime. Choose either the global wine of the month club or the select region club – or choose both!


The best part … your selection is available for pick-up by the 1st of every month! On average the club costs only $15 to $35 per month, and varies dependent upon the wine(s) selected that month.

Beer of the Month Club

For any beer lover, a monthly selection

of craft beers is the perfect gift

Experience a different sampler 6-pack of Micro Brews each month with the Uncorkt… Beer of the Month! Our monthly brew choice will provide an exceptional opportunity to try different beers from around the world.


Each Sampler 6-pack will contain 2 bottles of 3 different brews. Each six pack ranges from $10-20 per month and vary depending on beers selected that month. Join the club anytime.


Your Sampler 6-pack is available for pick-up by the 1st of every month!

“As a person who was born and raised in Ireland, a fun and caring place to imbibe is very important. Uncorkt is an excellent choice. It is an easy place to make friends!”  — Niall

Case Club

For the serious wine connoisseur

Membership has its benefits. Join the Uncorkt Private Reserve Club to receive: • Invitation to Private Reserve Members Exclusive Tasting Events • Additional 5% discount on wine purchases(beyond any current sale price) • 15% discount on all wine racks, stemware, gift items and accessories • Discounted admission to wine tasting events in our Private Reserve Room

NOTE: Membership in the Uncorkt Private Reserve Club is FREE with your first case of wine purchase. Annual purchase of a case of wine required to renew annual membership.